Friday, May 14, 2010

General Information and Prices

Plot Size – 4,646 sq m

Villa internal size excluding basement – 493,88 sq m ( basement can easily be added to the title need and nota simple once renovated

Yearly community charge - 5,204.52€
Yearly IBI ( property tax) – € 4,630.16
Basura ( rubbish collection ) - € 18 quarterly

Below are estimated costs for building works we discussed today in Zagaleta :

1, Complete redecoration to all interior walls, ceilings and all timber beams and details € 20.000

2, Complete redecoration to all exterior surfaces and roof tile details including all repairs to external doors and windows € 18.000

3, Strip out and replace 4no bathrooms excluding sanitary ware and fittings € 15.000. This includes all preparation work so sanitary ware / fittings is all that will be required.

4, Renew kitchen complete including all associated building works € 50.000

5, I've included some pictures of the pool below and house I completed recently. This T shaped pool with beach entrance would work very well if your client does not want a large area of lawn. I suggest the beach is built in line with the central steps and is finished with an infinity edge across the entire back wall. Its just a suggestion for now. I envisage the completed pool with piled retaining walls will be in the region of € 95.000. If we bring the pool in from the plot edge this cost should be reduced. The final cost is dependent on a structural engineers report.

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